About Us

OBHOA/Outer Banks Home Owners has worked with many Outer Banks property managers for over 25 years. In the 1990’s our service business handled up to 400 homes a week. Most of our vacation home services was contracted with owners thru their property managers.

After contracting our new builds with property managers for years, the facts slowly became overwhelming. If we wanted to insure positive cash flow while keeping the houses “like new”; the management would have to be by OBHOA.

It is time consuming and requires attention to the smallest details. A home with an open week is a priority. Always, every week. Every blemish fixed. All our houses are maintaining review average over 4 stars.

Our revenue average well exceeds that of directly comparable beach homes with conventional property management. In 2017 we tried 1 house with our concept. Then in 2018 added another to 2. In 2019 became 4 beach houses. Because of our management structure is unlike typical property managers there is a limit to the number of homes we can add each year.